MY FIRST LOVE – Matthew 22:37

What does it mean to love with all your heart? As I held my newborn in my arms, I thought I could not love anything more. It was love at first sight. As I looked into her eyes and counted her fingers and toes, it was then I knew she was my little girl. I […]

The Unselfish Gift – Philippians 2:3-4 (NASB)

The Bible tells us in Philippians that we should always think more highly of others than ourselves. I received the opportunity to experience this the weekend of the fall festival. I was going to play some of my music, inside my tent, in hopes to minister to those passing by. I took my guitar and […]

A New Beginning From A Desparate Plea Mark 5:25-34 (NASB)

2022 may bring a new beginning for you. You may be offered a new job, welcome a new baby, or experience a healing from cancer, the virus or emotional pain. I believe, at some point, you may have cried desperately pleading with God for His help, I know I have. Mark’s Gospel tells us of […]

Come! My Door Is Open? Matthew 11:28

On my morning walk, a few months ago, I heard a friendly voice, “Come, sit, and have a cup of coffee”. I looked up and saw a woman sitting on her porch. “I can’t today,” I replied. “I have to hurry back. My husband and I have plans for the day.” Even though I was […]

“Where am I going?” Proverbs 3:5-6

I was driving home from a visit with my grandchildren when I realized that I had missed my exit and was now heading north and I was not sure where I was going. I found a vacant lot, pulled over and told my GPS to go home. Instantly a map appeared, and I was guided […]

Stop! Is That Important?

I was so distracted about selling enough hot-dogs at the fundraiser that I forgot the other ways of ministry that are much more important. Many people sat on the bench while eating their sandwiches. They listened to the hymns we sang and shared stories of their lives; many of them needed much prayer. As Jesus […]