A Gift Shared-Luke 2:12


On December ninth, I was given a wonderful opportunity to share a Christmas story I had written. “Always in Your Heart” is a book that I published in two thousand and twenty-one. The story tells its listeners to remember what Christmas is truly about.

Families gather at Christmas to share presents and good food, but I must remember why I celebrate Christmas.

It was a VBS setting, and the children were having a wonderful time making crafts and playing games. The pastor shared about the hope of Christ, the joy of His coming, the peace in which He gives and the love that He shows each one of us.

Finally, it was story time and I sat in the middle of a stage full of children and read the book that I had written. I told them, “This book is really a song I wrote many years ago,” and when I was finished reading, I sang the song.

God gave me a gift that no one can ever take away. He gave me His Son and through Him, eternal life. My gift was to share about the greatest gift of all, Jesus.

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Paula Hixenbaugh