A New Beginning From A Desparate Plea Mark 5:25-34 (NASB)

2022 may bring a new beginning for you. You may be offered a new job, welcome a new baby, or experience a healing from cancer, the virus or emotional pain. I believe, at some point, you may have cried desperately pleading with God for His help, I know I have.

Mark’s Gospel tells us of a woman who had suffered for twelve years with an issue of blood and had spent all her income on many Physicians finding no cure. In biblical times, with her condition, she would not have been permitted to be in a crowd. She was considered unclean but, she was at her breaking point, desperate and weary.

She heard that Jesus was passing through the town so she made her way through the crowd thinking, “if I could just touch the hem of His garment, I would be healed.” She inched her way through the vast sea of people until she was close enough to touch His garment, drawn by her faith. Immediately, Jesus felt virtue flow from His body and asked, “who touched me?” The disciples were puzzled because the crowd was too large for them to have seen who had touched Him. The woman knowing that she had been healed and hearing Jesus ask who touched him, came forth and fell at His feet telling Him the whole story. Filled with compassion, Jesus told her, “Daughter, your faith has made you whole; go in peace. You are freed from your affliction.”

Jesus is only a whisper away. He waits for you to cry out to him in the midst of your trials and temptations. He knows how to answer your desperate plea. He gives you exactly what is in His perfect plan for your life even if, sometimes, you do not agree. This year can be your new beginning. Is there a desperate plea from your heart? Call out to Him. The woman with the issue of blood received a new beginning and you can, too!

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Paula Hixenbaugh