Let Love Rain Down-I Peter 4:8

Some people are just hard to love. Some are stubborn, rude, and uncaring about anyone else’s needs but their own. I really struggle being around them, but when they are family members, a choice to love amid their self-centeredness is the right thing to do.

I desire to find creative ways to love them to Jesus. I know loving the unlovable works. The bible tells us that it heaps coals of fire -conviction- on their heads. (Romans 12:20) It causes their heart to soften.

I believe when God wants us to love as He loves, He gives us people that are difficult to love. They may be unkind, or just mean spirited, but I believe in God’s way and time, they can be won over to the Lord. It may take longer than I think but, I need to endure and follow the Holy Spirit as He gives new and creative ideas each day. I know love covers a multitude of sins. (1st Peter 4:8 (AMP)


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Paula Hixenbaugh