Follow Jesus-Acts 21: 11-13


Following Jesus does not always mean that you do what others ask of you. You may be asked to lead a group, but you decline. You may be called upon to help somewhere else and you feel led to accept.

You may feel guilty for declining because you accepted the latter, but it is important to be doing what the Holy Spirit leads you to do.

You will disappoint people. You do not intend to but, in time, it will happen. Following Jesus makes some uncomfortable because they do not understand the path you may have to walk. You may have to say no to things that they feel you shouldn’t.

The apostle Paul was going up to Jerusalem where he knew he would be persecuted. He was urged not to go but he knew it was God’s will for him to go regardless the outcome. (Acts 21:11-13).

Follow Jesus!


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Paula Hixenbaugh