Too Busy?



Lists and more lists. I make a list and then need can’t remember where I put it. I like to be organized. I find that making lists helps me to focus on the tasks at hand. I used to be able to complete a long list each day, but as I grow older, it has become harder to finish everything on it.

I see others always running here and there and I wonder what keeps them so busy. Why are they filling their lives with so much stuff to do? Is there a void they are trying to fill?

Being busy and being productive are not the same. I am the most productive when I prioritize. I keep a schedule of appointments and to do’s that need done.

I find when I give the first of my day to God, all my other tasks fall into place. I must confess; I have not always done things this way. I see now, that before, I was trying to fill voids in my life too.

I want to encourage everyone to take time to see what is truly important and pursue it.


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Paula Hixenbaugh